A brief, not too varied, but hopefully interesting sequence played using the (now free) Hartmann Neuron VS.

You may download the VSTi by visiting neuronsynth.com, though note there are a couple of caveats:

  1. The VSTi will run only on an Apple Mac
  2. You will probably need to wrap the VSTi to convert it to an Audio Unit.  This is because the VSTi is based on an old version of the VST SDK and thus will not even be detected as a VSTi in your host software.  The website has lots of information on compatible hosts.

I set up Neuron VS in Ableton Live 8, wrapped as an AU and mapped its available parameters to a MIDI controller iPad app that I created.

Using this controller, it’s possible to mimic the use of the Neuron Nuke hardware joystick (unavailable to purchase, and rare as rocking-horse *ahem*).

Apple-willing, I’ll hopefully get it into the store!

Anyway, it’s worth getting this VSTi, despite all the caveats and hoops, as it used to cost around £500 and sounds awesome!